McLean County Restaurant Inspection Scores
Scores assigned during food inspections are used by the McLean County Health Department to measure food service establishments' compliance with sanitation codes. The department provides protection against foodborne illness by assuring that foods provided by food service establishments, retail food stores, and temporary food service events in McLean County are protected against contamination or adulteration.

Routine food inspections are conducted one to four times each year depending upon the risk assessment classification assigned to an establishment. Inspection type 58 indicates a routine, unannounced inspection. Inspection type 59 indicates a reinspection, which may be unannounced or scheduled and can occur any number of times. If a food establishment is found to pose an imminent threat to public health, it is asked to discontinue operation until violations have been corrected. Legal action is taken in the event that an establishment refuses to voluntarily discontinue operation.

Important Notice to Readers - reviewing the entire inspection history of an establishment, rather than an individual inspection score, will provide a more accurate picture of an establishment's commitment to food safety and sanitation.

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